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How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

Real estate fraud is happening at an alarming rate in Canada, according to a recent report published in the Vancouver Sun. The report from consumer credit company Equifax uncovered roughly $400 million worth of mortgage fraud in Canada last year. And many experts believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These figures represent only frauds that Equifax was able to uncover within their client holding.

Data from the report revealed that nearly two-thirds of all fraud committed in Canada last year was real-estate related, thanks in part to more stringent lending practices. In fact, mortgage fraud increased by 150 percent in 2011. Read more »


Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest in Your RRSP?

With the RRSP deadline looming, many Canadians are trying to make sense of their investment options. Personal debt levels in Canada have hit record highs, most of us don’t have a pension to fall back on and our retirement savings are far from adequate. Which leads us to the perennial problem: Should Canadian’s focus on paying off their mortgage and lowering debt or invest in RRSPs?  Read more »


CMHC Backing Fewer Loans: A Look at the Repercussions

Last week, The National Post reported on the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and their growing insurance load coverage. According to the story, the CMHC is edging closer to a $600-billion government-imposed limit on mortgage default insurance, backing nearly $541-billion in mortgages. If the demand grows for mortgage default insurance, the CMHC will need to request a limit extension – something that could create increased risk for taxpayers should the Canadian housing market collapse. Read more »


CAAMP Releases Highlights From Fall 2011 Consumer and Industry Surveys

The focus of these surveys was to gather Canadians’ opinions of the mortgage industry. The report includes specific questions on experiences with their mortgage professional as well as information and feedback from industry members.

The survey results were presented by Maritz Research at Mortgage Forum 2011 in Toronto.

Click here to review the entire report.