Mortgage Fundamentals: Pre-Approved Vs. Pre-Qualified

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What’s the difference? There are several stages of the Canadian mortgage rate approval procedure when you apply for a mortgage. It is essential to understand what they are and what they really mean. What is Pre-Qualification? This is the initial step of the low mortgage rate approval process wherein your mortgage broker takes a look at your overall earnings and … Read More

How to Know When You’re Ready to Purchase a Home

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Think you are ready to be a homeowner? Here’s exactly how you can tell! 1) You have a budget Factor in homeowner’s insurance coverage, property tax, fees, upkeep costs, and the best  available home mortgage rate. 2) You have a sizeable down payment. Generally, you’ll need a down payment worth 20 % of the house price. 3) You have a … Read More

Ottawa Drops the Hammer on Mortgage Rules, Financial Tips, First Time Home Owner, General Interest, Housing Costs, Mortgage Down Payment, Mortgage News, Mortgage Term, Mortgage Types, Real Estate Advice, Residential Mortgages

Back in April, Finance Minister Mark Carney remarked that “in exceptional circumstances, if there are issues that threaten financial stability, such as household debt… the bank could use monetary policy for that purpose.” Just three months later, those exceptional circumstances have become reality. On Wednesday, the Federal Government made their move to further tighten mortgage rules, addressing concerns over high Canadian household … Read More

The Ripple Effect: How the European Financial Crisis Will Impact Canadians, Financial Tips, General Interest, Household Budget, Housing Costs, Mortgage News, Mortgage Term, Residential Mortgages

News of increased financial strain in Spain today has caused the Bank of Canada to brace for a ripple effect on the other side of the ocean. Any spillover from the increasingly vulnerable European market is expected to carry over to North American, rocking the fragile U.S. banking sector before it lands on the doorstep of Canadian homeowners. Households with … Read More

Can the Canadian Housing Market Fix Itself?

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The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released its second quarter housing market outlook today, stating that housing starts will likely moderate by the end of the year. While the market has remained hot through the first half of 2012, the Housing Corp. believes that both new and existing home market activity will eventually slow and even out. Housing starts are … Read More