How to Avoid Major Home Buying Errors

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Housing affordability continues to remain stable across Canada, creating the perfect environment for savvy home hunters. With more houses available on the market, buyers are becoming much more competitive, rushing to complete their purchase agreements. Situations like this often lead to costly buyer errors, as anxious home hunters make hasty, uninformed choices. These mistakes are sometimes impossible to reverse, so … Read More

Outlook Shaky As Consumer Debt Expected to Rise

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While the Canadian economy appears to be weathering the economic storm with surprising ease, Canadian consumers are beginning to show signs of distress. Just last week, Statistics Canada announced a net worth drop of $4,600 per household in the third quarter. Meanwhile, Canadians continue to borrow and buy on credit. Household debt per capita is up by $600 from the … Read More

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From townhouses to triplexes, there are numerous types of properties available to Canadian consumers. Not sure what layout works best for your family? Then check out our explanation of typical housing types below. Your mortgage payments and regular monthly bills may change depending on the kind of house you acquire, therefore it is vital that you carefully weigh the pros … Read More

Renovating Before Selling – Is It Worth It?, Financial Tips, General Interest, Property Maintenance, Residential Mortgages

Before putting your property on the real estate market, many home buyers ask whether or not their home would probably gain value from the home renovation. It could, but there will be things you need to take into consideration prior to finishing home renovations.   Expertise vs. Passion It’s simple to get up to date watching home renovation episodes on … Read More

The Costs of Closing on a Home

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Did you know that in addition to the downpayment and mortgage, you’re also responsible for any miscellaneous closing costs associated with your home purchase? These fees can vary in price, but all must be paid prior to taking possession of your home. If you’re currently in the market for a new home, now’s the time to consider these hidden costs … Read More