What To Do When Housing Prices Fall

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It appears as though the seemingly infinite rise of Canadian housing prices has finally come to an end. After years of marvelling at record breaking list prices and historically low mortgage rates, the tides have finally shifted. Phrases like “cooling market” and “slow sales” are gracing national headlines, causing buyers and sellers alike to contemplate the repercussions. If we’re to … Read More

House Hunting Goes Social with HomeSort.ca

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New interactive website will change the way you shop for real estate Finding your dream home just became a whole lot easier thanks to HomeSort.ca, a new interactive website that makes organizing, comparing and sharing promising real estate listings easy. Developed by industry-leading online mortgage specialists, FamilyLending.ca, the HomeSort.ca system takes the hassle out of home hunting. “Looking for a … Read More

How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

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Real estate fraud is happening at an alarming rate in Canada, according to a recent report published in the Vancouver Sun. The report from consumer credit company Equifax uncovered roughly $400 million worth of mortgage fraud in Canada last year. And many experts believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These figures represent only frauds that Equifax was able … Read More

Taking a Closer Look at the Canadian Housing Economy

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Just how important is the housing market to the Canadian economy? According to a recent report by Willing Dunning, Chief Economist for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, the Canadian housing market accounts for nearly 8% of total Canadian employment. That’s nearly 1.35 million direct and indirect jobs. The report also shows that the mortgage industry plays a particularly … Read More