Alternative Lending for (Grow)th Industry

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The most noteworthy growth industry in Agriculture in 2018 is forecasted to be the Medical Marijuana trade. Health Canada estimates that by 2024 the Medical Marijuana industry will be worth 1.3 billion dollars and many Ag businesses are bursting to grab their piece of the pie.

In 2017 the number of licensed producers has more than doubled with companies’ eager to plant a flag of their own in this budding industry. Greenhouses have been popping up all over Ontario; from places just focused on the cultivation of the product, to those committed to see if from their seeds to the front doors of the consumers.

The logistics behind a process such as this can be tricky, from applications to the Federal Government, to finding the right agricultural farm loan to help use your current assets to expand your operations into this burgeoning industry.

Having someone experienced that understands farming and finance is key to expanding into the business of growth in 2018.

Talk to us at FamilyLending. With many experienced Agriculture Mortgage Specialists, we can help.

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