Less risk to invest in Canadian farms than US Ag land, but get the right mortgage

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Canadian farmers have an advantage over their US counterparts when it comes to the amount of risk of land investment.

Although both Canadian and US agricultural land is at a historic high, Canadian growers are less leveraged to corn and soybean prices than American growers. Canadian growers also enjoy less competition when it comes to canola, lentils and vegetables more prolific in our more northern climate. And our Canadian to US exchange rate works in our favour, too, at this time.

When considering investing in farmland, make sure you get an agricultural mortgage that is specifically designed to get the borrower the best rates possible. Plus you’ll get a flexible payment plan that works with the agricultural growing cycle. Some borrowers only pay interest for the first year in order to put profits back into the farm.

Talk to a mortgage broker you can trust that understands farming. You’ll talk the same language…profit from wise investment.

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