Ways to Obtain a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

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Own your own company? Find out how you could have a house too! Data shows that almost 20% of all income earners in Canada are now self-employed. Today, lenders desire evidence of a steady income. Here are a couple of ways to ease the process and raise your possibilities of obtaining a low mortgage rate. Document Every Penny You’ll be … Read More

Ottawa’s Mortgage Rules: One Year Later

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It was roughly one year ago that Finance Minister Flaherty announced his fourth round of mortgage restrictions in as many years. The reason for these changes was simple: cool down an out-of-control housing market. By tightening lending rules, Flaherty hoped to lower the risk to taxpayers and curb excessive rates of household debt. 

A Look at Housing Affordability

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How affordable are homes on the Canadian housing market? This is the question at the top of every mortgage broker and home hunter’s mind. As mortgage rates begin to climb and home prices creep ever higher, industry leaders are keeping a close eye on affordability in an attempt to avoid a bubble. It’s no secret that more and more houses … Read More

Stop Worrying About The Housing Market

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It’s no secret that the Canadian housing market has been a bit volatile as of late. In certain portions of the country, prices are hot, hot, hot. Price bidding is common in Vancouver, and Toronto and Montreal are both posting record sales numbers. And yet, everywhere you look, experts keep warning of an impending bubble. So, what’s the deal? Is … Read More

Housing and the Big, Bad Budget

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A lot has been said about Thursday’s budget announcement. From Flaherty’s shoe selection to a vague job-training program, many Canadian’s were left slightly confused following the much-anticipated announcement. With that being said, Flaherty’s eighth (and potentially final) budget announcement could have been worse, especially for the mortgage industry. Thursday’s budget included a tightening of controls on mortgage lending once again, … Read More