Bank Or Broker?

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Who should you consult for your mortgage pre-approval? Handle your mortgage like every other major purchase– that is, be sure you make the effort to compare rates and shop around. Not every Canadian mortgage rate is the same. Bank Rates When you visit a bank, it’s worth bearing in mind that their loan officers are paid to sell you their … Read More

How To Buy A House When You Have Bad Credit

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According to recent reports, more than one in eight adult Canadians are expected to declare bankruptcy or negotiate a debt settlement with creditors. And yet, Canada’s homeownership numbers are currently at a record high. This just goes to show you that devastated credit doesn’t have to leave you high and dry when it comes to entering the housing market. Granted, … Read More

Mortgage Brokers Offer Tangible Benefits

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Very few people can afford to pay for their property in full. This is by no means a bad thing – property is expensive and it’s perfectly normal for an investment of this size to require long-term financial planning. That’s what mortgages are all about. Banks and lenders provide individuals with the option of borrowing money in order to afford … Read More

Establishing Credit History

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When you pay your charge card, electricity or even water bills, you’re establishing your credit track record and developing a good credit ranking. Having a good credit score will show banks, loan providers, as well as mortgage businesses that you are financially sensible as well as able to make normal repayments. In the end exactly what this achieves, is it … Read More