Mortgage Specifications for Below Average Credit

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Did you have any issues with your hard earned dollars while you were younger? Perhaps you underwent an unpleasant separation and divorce, suffered a small business breakdown, or just struck an area of difficult employment? In any case, your credit score has suffered and you’re discovering it hard to acquire loans for your personal new residence purchase. Therefore, what’s an … Read More

Things to Consider Before Buying a House

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Buying a home is a big investment – both financially and emotionally. Make sure you’re properly prepared by considering the following things prior to submitting a purchase offer. Your Credit Rating If you aren’t aware of your credit rating, now is the perfect time to do a little investigating. Making sure your finances are in order is probably the most … Read More

Saving Strategies for Canadian Homeowners

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Save Smart: How to Manage Money and a Mortgage According to a recent Canadian Payroll Association survey, nearly 60% of Canadians don’t have enough money in the bank to cover even one month’s worth of necessary expenses. Too many homeowners are living on the edge of financial disaster, spending money that they should be saving. If you’re finding it difficult … Read More

Understanding your Credit Score

  We thought it would be helpful to pass along a little information about understanding your credit score and some do’s and don’ts to be aware of. How you handle your credit now can affect your ability to get a mortgage as well as the rate you will receive.     Understanding your credit score 101   Driven by the … Read More