Mortgage Fundamentals: Pre-Approved Vs. Pre-Qualified

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What’s the difference? There are several stages of the Canadian mortgage rate approval procedure when you apply for a mortgage. It is essential to understand what they are and what they really mean. What is Pre-Qualification? This is the initial step of the low mortgage rate approval process wherein your mortgage broker takes a look at your overall earnings and … Read More

How to Avoid Major Home Buying Errors

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Housing affordability continues to remain stable across Canada, creating the perfect environment for savvy home hunters. With more houses available on the market, buyers are becoming much more competitive, rushing to complete their purchase agreements. Situations like this often lead to costly buyer errors, as anxious home hunters make hasty, uninformed choices. These mistakes are sometimes impossible to reverse, so … Read More

Things to Consider Before Buying a House

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Buying a home is a big investment – both financially and emotionally. Make sure you’re properly prepared by considering the following things prior to submitting a purchase offer. Your Credit Rating If you aren’t aware of your credit rating, now is the perfect time to do a little investigating. Making sure your finances are in order is probably the most … Read More

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid, Financial Tips, First Time Home Owner, Mortgage Down Payment, Residential Mortgages

Not Knowing What You Can Afford What the banks say you can afford, isn’t necessarily what you should spend on your first home. If you don’t already have a budget for your home hunt, now’s the time to start planning. The mortgage brokers at recommend making a list of all of your monthly expenses (excluding rent, of course). Subtract … Read More

The Costs of Closing on a Home

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Did you know that in addition to the downpayment and mortgage, you’re also responsible for any miscellaneous closing costs associated with your home purchase? These fees can vary in price, but all must be paid prior to taking possession of your home. If you’re currently in the market for a new home, now’s the time to consider these hidden costs … Read More