Building Your Next Home?

Build your next Home? Imagine moving into a brand new home. No old pasta shell boxes on the top shelf. No locks filled with old WD-40, not one nail hole above the toilet surrounded by an outline of an ugly knick-knack! Just gleaming kitchen sinks, that new carpet smell, roomy bedroom closets, sparkling windows, and the fresh smell of paint.   You can … Read More

Buyers Stress Reduction

Buyers Stress Reduction Do you wish that buying a home was one of the most amazingly positive experiences you’ve ever had? Do you want to feel that you are in control? Do you want to feel that you have all the information? Can you actually have this? Yes, by calling   There is a better way, establishes a new measure of success … Read More

Avoid Sellers Mistakes

Avoid Sellers Mistakes Don’t put your home on the market until you’ve read this letter! Please avoid these eleven mistakes that could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars!Selling your home can be an exhausting experience.  Last minute walk through, inconvenient calls, price adjustments, and the possibility of being stuck with two mortgages are all real concerns.  If you are … Read More

Construction Evaluation Checklist

Construction Evaluation Checklist It’s understood that building a new home is usually the largest single investment in your lifetime. We have put together a checklist and guide to help you with this big decision.   A.      LOCATION OF NEIGHBORHOOD 1.       Look around, talk to neighbors. Are the streets safe and is there enough privacy? 2.       Are the neighbors likely to … Read More

Benefits of Ownership

Benefits of Ownership There are several reasons that home ownership can offer advantages compared to renting: Wealth accumulation by paying down debt in the form of mortgage payments, whereas rent pays a landlord’s mortgage down. Your credit rating improves when you own a home. Over time, your net worth increases allowing you to establish a preferred status with your bank, … Read More