How to Buy a Foreclosed Home, Financial Tips, First Time Home Owner, General Interest, Housing Costs

It’s no secret that foreclosures have rocked the American real estate market over the past five years, but what about the Canadian real estate scene? While our major housing markets have faired better than that of our neighbour, there are still many foreclosed properties available across the country. First time home buyers and investors alike are jumping at the chance … Read More

Is Your Home Underinsured?, Financial Tips, First Time Home Owner, General Interest, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage Insurance

Did you know that a large number of Canadian homes are underinsured? The following are six important steps to make sure your home is protected against the unexpected. 1) Know Your Policy And What it Covers Your policy type should reflect your type of home and your needs. It’s important that you review your policy basics and have a good … Read More

Should You Use Your RRSP To Buy Your First Home?, Financial Tips, First Time Home Owner, Mortgage Down Payment, Residential Mortgages

Purchasing your first home can be tough, especially when it comes to scrounging up a sizable down payment. In Canada, you must be able to cough up a 20% down payment in order to avoid purchasing costly mortgage insurance. If you’re struggling to find enough cash to meet this requirement, don’t throw in the towel quite yet. Under the Home … Read More

Short or Long: Which Mortgage Term Works For You?, First Time Home Owner, Mortgage News, Mortgage Term, Mortgage Types, Residential Mortgages

The term of your mortgage is an important factor to consider when choosing your financing program. A few quick strokes on a mortgage calculator will show that long term mortgages do, in fact, reduce your monthly payments, but do these short term savings really add up over time? The professional mortgage brokers at take a look at various mortgage … Read More

Life expectancy for Canadians rises to 80.9 years, General Interest, Household Budget, Property Maintenance

Life expectancy at birth continued to rise, reaching a new high of 80.9 years during the three-year period from 2006 to 2008. This was up 0.2 years from 2005-2007. Life expectancy at birth was above the national average in three provinces: British Columbia (81.4 years), Ontario (81.3 years) and Quebec (81.0 years). The lowest life expectancy at birth was recorded in the three territories combined (75.2 years).