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You’ve had it with your roommates and you’ve had it with paying rent. You’re ready to move out and you’re seriously considering taking the leap into homeownership. But just because you want to buy a home, doesn’t mean you should. Before you start planning your housewarming party, take a minute to sit down and consider everything that comes along with … Read More

Should You Sell Your House By Yourself?, Financial Tips

Do you really need a listing agent to help sell your home? More and more home sellers are opting to go it alone when listing their property, but is the risk really worth the reward? For many, the answer is yes. Listing your home on your own can cut out on average about 6% in commission costs. That’s about $18,000 … Read More

Is a Home Equity Line of Credit the Right Option for Me?, Financial Tips, Mortgage Term, Mortgage Types, Residential Mortgages

We’ve all been faced with a major expense at some point in our life. Perhaps the furnace has failed in the middle of December, or your car has unexpectedly quit in the middle of a busy work week. You need a large sum of money fast, but your options are slim. Maybe your income stream varies from month to month, … Read More