(announces Rob Browning), General Interest

Robb and Kim Nelson and the team are pleased to welcome Rob Browning as the Vice President of Operations. As expands its business into other parts of the province and country, Rob will assist our team with developing our organization and establishing branches in other cities. Rob brings a wealth of experience as a leader and manager in large and small organizations. “Kim and I have watched Rob in action for the past few years and we are impressed with his approach, his ability to build trust quickly and his results,” says Robb Nelson, President and CEO of and its affiliates, “We are very pleased that he has joined our team. is currently expanding its business into other markets of Ontario and Canada. Robb and Kim Nelson were raised in Chatham‐Kent. They formed the company in Chatham‐Kent and have worked diligently to contribute to the economy of their home town. is a family‐owned business with its head office in Chatham, Ontario. It is one of Canada’s leaders in online mortgages using innovative technology. By leveraging the power of unlike and like corporations, individuals, cultures and societies, has attracted some of Canada’s most powerful media company’s to be its strategic partners.

Robb and Kim Nelson look forward to Rob being a key member of our team.

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