No Rate Change from the Bank of Canada

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The Bank of Canada has opted to freeze rates for the 11th consecutive time, maintaining the 1.0% interest rate this morning. The stay is consistent with Governor Mark Carney’s statements from October that forecasted no changes for the foreseeable future. The current Chairman of the Financial Stability Board insists that the Bank will remain flexible, in light of world and … Read More

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The term of your mortgage is an important factor to consider when choosing your financing program. A few quick strokes on a mortgage calculator will show that long term mortgages do, in fact, reduce your monthly payments, but do these short term savings really add up over time? The professional mortgage brokers at take a look at various mortgage … Read More

Consumers paying more for home insurance but mortgage interest costs decreased in Aug

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 3.1% in the 12 months to August, mainly as a result of higher prices for gasoline and food purchased from stores. This follows increases of 2.7% in July and 3.1% in June. On a seasonally adjusted monthly basis, consumer prices rose 0.3% in August. The 0.4 percentage point difference between the year-over-year increases posted in August and July was mainly the result … Read More

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If you’re ready to purchase your first rental property or still on the fence asking yourself if you’re making the best decision, I am here to assure you that the choice to buy your first rental property is rarely a simple one but once you have done so, you’ll never turn back. You’re probably asking yourself why should you listen … Read More