How to Compare Mortgage Rates

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Find the best mortgage rate today!

Research Mortgage Rates

Research Mortgage Rates

Did you know, homebuyers who hunt for a mortgage rate are most likely to secure a competitive financing option than those who don’t? Studies have shown that consumers who compare mortgage rates and ask questions during the pre-approval process are most likely to save more money.

How Can I Find a Great Mortgage Rate?

As mentioned by the Bank of Canada Discounting in Mortgage Markets study, homebuyers can increase their chances of securing a low mortgage rate:.

  • By collaborating with a qualified mortgage broker.
  • Asking lenders about preferential rates based upon loyalty, age, and finances.
  • People who purchase a house in a nearby city are often offered better deals.

Be Cautious of Bank Postings

When it pertains to finding the best mortgage rate, do not automatically assume that the bank’s rate is the best option. As mentioned by the Discounting in Mortgage Markets study, posted bank rates tend to be the same. It is the negotiating that occurs behind the scenes that often allows mortgage brokers to offer their clients lower rates.

Comparing rates online and exploring the market gives you the power you will need to make an informed decision. Get in touch with a mortgage broker today to begin your rate comparison and enhance your chances of finding a reasonably-priced mortgage product.

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