Home Buyers Demand Smarter Designs

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The results of Better Homes and Gardens magazine’s Next Home Survey are in, and buyers have spoken.

Prospective new home buyers list energy-efficiency, organization and comfort as their top priorities in considering their next move. Demand for traditional McMansions appears to be waning as more and more people come to value intelligent design over wow factor.

“We continue to see a ‘cents and sensibilities’ approach when it comes to buying or improving a home,” said Eliot Nusbaum, Better Homes and Gardens‘ executive editor for home design. “Today’s homeowner is also looking for a home that fits the entire family?from a multi-tasking home office, to expanded storage space, to a living room that can adapt to advancements in home entertainment and technology.”

The results of this survey may influence upcoming new home designs that will go into production later in 2010 and beyond.

Other interesting findings include:

  • 36% of buyers expect that their next home will be “somewhat smaller” or “much smaller” than their current home.
  • 87% plan to have high-efficiency heating and cooling in their next home and 86% plan to have high-efficiency appliances. 24.6% want geothermal heat.
  • 48% say that green building materials and practices will be “more important” when selecting their next home.
  • 59% are interested in floor plans that incorporate space for a home office and 85% want a separate laundry room.
  • 68% want an outdoor grilling and living area.
  • A kitchen with an eating area is a priority for 67% of respondents and 62% consider comfortable family gathering space a top priority.
  • Despite an overall emphasis on downsizing, 37% are looking for a three-car or larger garage, up from 29% in 2008


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