Beating Your Heating Bill

  Wouldn’t it be nice if your home came without heating bills attached? Unfortunately it does not but… fortunately, there are tips out there that can help you lower your monthly costs dramatically.Domestic wizards over the years have come up with lots of money saving home remedies and quick fixes to help you lower your home heating bills.  From washing … Read More

Future Buying Plans

  Thanks for letting us represent you with your mortgage requirements. We hope you’re happy for years to come…Once we get a client, we want to have them for LIFE! We want to be the people you’ll always think of when you think of Mortgage needs. So whenever you think you might be ready to buy an investment property, do a home … Read More

Consolidate Your Debt and Save!

  Looking for a simple way to pay off credit card debt quicker? The key to getting rid of debt is to commit to fixed, not declining, monthly payments and finding a better interest rate. Here is an example. Lets say your credit card has an interest rate of 19.75%. If you were to attempt to pay off a debt … Read More

Building Your Next Home?

Build your next Home? Imagine moving into a brand new home. No old pasta shell boxes on the top shelf. No locks filled with old WD-40, not one nail hole above the toilet surrounded by an outline of an ugly knick-knack! Just gleaming kitchen sinks, that new carpet smell, roomy bedroom closets, sparkling windows, and the fresh smell of paint.   You can … Read More

Buyers Stress Reduction

Buyers Stress Reduction Do you wish that buying a home was one of the most amazingly positive experiences you’ve ever had? Do you want to feel that you are in control? Do you want to feel that you have all the information? Can you actually have this? Yes, by calling   There is a better way, establishes a new measure of success … Read More