Sell your Home for Top Dollar!

  Following the steps below can help you maximize your selling price and put more money in your pocket. Avoiding some often over looked mistakes is easy and takes little time, cost and effort on your part.  1.   Distress Selling: At times, selling quickly is unavoidable. That’s when knowing the right techniques to sell your home, without looking desperate and making yourself a target … Read More

Home Energy Checklist

  We recently put together this Home Energy Efficiency Checklist to help homeowners optimize their energy consumption and reduce their energy bills. We designed it as an easy-to-use guide for periodically examining your home to find energy-wasting trouble spots. It also includes some preventative maintenance tips that will help you avoid problems before they happen. If you have any further … Read More

Fixed Rate Mortgage or Variable Rate Mortgage?

  Before we answer that question, it’s important to understand the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage. Fixed rate mortgage – A fixed rate mortgage is a mortgage where the rate of interest is fixed for a specific period of time. Generally known as the mortgage term, it usually ranges from between 6 months and … Read More

Home Security Checklist

  We don’t wish to “alarm” you, but we thought you’d be interested in this Home Security Checklist that we put together. It gives you a basis for periodically inspecting your home to make sure you’re doing all you can to protect your valuables against “uninvited visitors.”  We hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your home. If we … Read More

Beating Your Heating Bill

  Wouldn’t it be nice if your home came without heating bills attached? Unfortunately it does not but… fortunately, there are tips out there that can help you lower your monthly costs dramatically.Domestic wizards over the years have come up with lots of money saving home remedies and quick fixes to help you lower your home heating bills.  From washing … Read More