How to Break Your Mortgage Without Breaking the Bank

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Interest rates are low, and from the looks of things, should remain stable well into 2012. If you’re currently paying out the nose because you’re locked into a fixed-rate mortgage, now could be a good time to break your mortgage and refinance your rate. Unfortunately, trying to break a mortgage before your term is up can be a nightmare experience. … Read More

How to Avoid Major Home Buying Errors

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Housing affordability continues to remain stable across Canada, creating the perfect environment for savvy home hunters. With more houses available on the market, buyers are becoming much more competitive, rushing to complete their purchase agreements. Situations like this often lead to costly buyer errors, as anxious home hunters make hasty, uninformed choices. These mistakes are sometimes impossible to reverse, so … Read More

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If you’re ready to purchase your first rental property or still on the fence asking yourself if you’re making the best decision, I am here to assure you that the choice to buy your first rental property is rarely a simple one but once you have done so, you’ll never turn back. You’re probably asking yourself why should you listen … Read More