More Rules Rumoured for Hot Canadian Real Estate Market

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The Government of Canada is considering imposing stricter rules on mortgages due to the nation’s seemingly overvalued housing market. Bank of Canada’s Governor, Mark Carney, and Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, have been focused on the nation’s rising debt load for more than a year, stating that things must change in order to avoid serious economic repercussions. Ironically, instead of encountering … Read More

Why Now is a Good Time to Buy

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Thinking about buying a home? Well, stop thinking and start looking. The stars have aligned in the Canadian real estate market, creating what many in the industry are calling “the perfect storm” of market potential. From condos to single-family homes, now’s the time to lock in a mortgage rate and enter the world of real estate investing.

Getting to Know Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

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Do you know your debt-to-income ratio? If you’re like most Canadians, the answer is no. Unfortunately, failure to fully understand this important element of your financial portfolio could cause you grief when it comes time to secure a mortgage pre-approval. Luckily, calculating your debt-to-income ratio is easy – all you need is a good financial calculator and a few necessary … Read More

Why Aren’t More Canadian’s Using a Mortgage Broker?

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Sound financial advice is key for any property purchase. Mortgage brokers in particular are expected to provide house hunters with personal assistance throughout the buying process. Data from a recent report shows that Canadian mortgage brokers are living up to these expectations, providing their customers with a highly positive purchasing experience. So why aren’t more people working with a mortgage … Read More

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Aging Canadian’s in need of a financial boost are cashing in record numbers, according to data released earlier this month. A report released by the parent company of HomEquity Bank, the nation’s sole provider of reverse mortgages, states that a record number of reverse mortgages (with a rough total worth of $67.2 million) were closed in the fourth quater of … Read More