Take advantage of the BOOM in ag land popularity

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The booming real estate market is not just limited to houses, farmland and the estates attached to them are also seeing a record rise in value. People are looking to make changes in all areas imaginable, whether that means expanding their agriculture business or finding that nice spot in the country to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

This can mean two things:

  • It may be the right time to refinance your farm.

With the current rise in value there may also be a change in the interest rates of your loan. These savings could be used to grow your business and take advantage of the newest in labour saving farming technology. This can all be possible with a new Agricultural Farm Loan.

  • Generational Change of Pace

Millennials aren’t just looking to move into the housing market, the next generation is looking to purchase farmland as well. Taking advantage of high prices as well as the high demand means that now is the time to cash in on your farm credit and set your sights on a change of pace.

Whether it’s selling to the next group of farmers or just freeing up some equity by selling off a portion of your land, talk to a FamilyLending Agricultural Mortgage Specialist to find out how to take advantage of the boom.

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