How to Compare Mortgage Rates

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Find the best mortgage rate today! Did you know, homebuyers who hunt for a mortgage rate are most likely to secure a competitive financing option than those who don’t? Studies have shown that consumers who compare mortgage rates and ask questions during the pre-approval process are most likely to save more money. How Can I Find a Great Mortgage Rate? … Read More

How to Know When You’re Ready to Purchase a Home

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Think you are ready to be a homeowner? Here’s exactly how you can tell! 1) You have a budget Factor in homeowner’s insurance coverage, property tax, fees, upkeep costs, and the best available home mortgage rate. 2) You have a sizeable down payment. Generally, you’ll need a down payment worth 20 % of the house price. 3) You have a … Read More

How to Negotiate Your Mortgage Rate

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It’s time to start bargaining! It goes without saying that you would like to secure the lowest possible mortgage rate. With that being said, negotiating your best mortgage rate will entail some homework. This way, you’ll be able to work out a fair request. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate the best Canadian mortgage rate. 1. Be … Read More

How to Prepare For Mortgage Rate Increases

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Can your budget handle a rate increase? There is a bunch of talk about Canadian mortgage rate increases. The single biggest investment most Canadians make is their home; this represents almost 40 % of the average family’s total assets. The big problem at the moment is that many Canadians are living in homes they won’t be able to afford once … Read More

Is It Worth Refinancing My Mortgage?

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Should you refinance early in order to benefit from low rates? Are you considering refinancing your mortgage? Early refinancing has become a bit of a trend; not surprisingly though, everybody is aiming to save money where they can. Securing a new loan with far better interest rates for your home might mean saving money on monthly low mortgage rate payments, … Read More