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Making an Offer

When you and your real estate agent locate what you think is the perfect home and Canadian mortgage rate, there’s no time to waste – it’s time to make an offer to purchase!

The Deposit

When you put an offer in to purchase a house, you are also expected to provide a deposit. The deposit assures the seller that you will actually go through with the sale when closing day arrives. Please note that the deposit and the down payment are not the same thing. A deposit may be as little as a few hundred dollars. It is important to note that, if your deal falls through, you may lose your deposit. Speak with your mortgage broker to get more information.

Chattels and Fixtures

Some sellers will entice buyers by offering them chattels or fixtures. Since it is not always clear what chattels and fixtures will stay, be sure to specifically list items that you’re unsure of. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise on closing day.

Closing Day

At this point, if your offer has been accepted, it’s time to close the deal. At closing, both parties must agree that all legal and financial obligations have been met. This includes any and all conditions that were written into the offer. If everyone agrees, ownership and possession will be transferred to you.

Compare Mortgage Rates

Before you make an offer, make certain you have the best mortgage rate locked down. Get pre-approved for a low mortgage rate online now. Not sure which mortgage product is right for you? Ask a mortgage broker to provide you with more information on fixed, variable, open, and closed rates for the best low mortgage rate.

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